Geo-Targeted Video

Targeted Custom Video 

Geo Targeted Videos (GTV) reach consumers as they search for your products and services on page one of top sites like Google, Yahoo and Bing.   GTV's target the primary cities where you look to sell your products and services.  These videos are professionally produced as a video infomercial, telling the story of your business.  Professional Voice Talent and Scripting are combined with high quality images to reflect the look of your business. Each video is optimized for search with up to 8 keywords and city name combinations with links back to your website, phone numbers as well as Local Directories.

Since the majority of consumers do not go past page one of Google, these videos will help get you to the top.  With an online search, videos stand out amongst the text listings and increases click to your site.  Below are a list of some of the key features and benefits

Features                              Benefits

Page 1 Ranking                     Reach 95% of active shoppers

Thumbnail Image                   Stand out on page vs. plain text

Sight/Sound/Motion               Consumers rather watch than read

Sight/Sound/Motion               Show true personality of your business

Phone# in SERP                   Fast, Easy response

Web address linked               Drive customers to your website

Multiple key words                 More ways to connect with consumers

Multiple Cities                        Expand customer base

With one 2 hour photo shoot, 34 Allies can construct several custom videos for your business that can be loaded online and included in a video press release.  We can also use canned content or photos of your business to construct additional videos for your YouTube channel, website and other social media sites.  Consult with us today on the best options for your business.