Email Marketing

Solutions for Email Marketing

Do you collect customer emails and send out promotions, newsletters or updates about your company?  Are emails sent out infrequently or too frequently?  Is there tracking on your messages to monitor clicks, opens and other pertinent information?  No need to worry about any of these questions because we can help.  Let us take over your email marketing campaigns.  We will create the email content and send it out to your customer base.  Additionally, we can work with you to build your list through targeted email blasts with double opt in users around your location.  34 Allies staff will consult with you on best practices with email marketing and target promotions to drive more traffic to your business. 

Contact your sales representative to learn more about email management and targeted email blasts.  We will design your newsletter and email to create a consistent marketing look and an appealing format to get more people to take advantage of your product or service offerings.