Text Messaging

As more and more consumers use their mobile phone as a search device and a resource for basically everything, it becomes important to target these users and direct them to your business.  Text messaging is starting to become more popular than a phone call.  Consumers like texting because it is quick and messages are short and to the point.  34 Allies has a solution to bring texting to your customers.  Through our mobile short code, we can create a texting keyword for your company.  Consumers can text this number and opt in to receive mobile alerts.  We can then send out updates, promotions, and event information to these users.  A promotion can be sent out in just a few minutes to drive additional customers to your business during slow times. 

Your customers have several methods of receiving information from your business, so make sure you give them all the options.  Most businesses have an email signup but many times will get low open rates on the email.  With a text message it pops up instantly on a user’s phone and does not get caught in a spam filter.  Utilize this mobile feature and let 34 Allies manage your campaigns and text blasts to customers.  We can customize your keyword and schedule blasts throughout the month, or we can send out a message with just a simple call or email.  You can also include your texting short code on print ads, signage, business cards and more.  Learn more today about these services by contacting your sales representative.