Blogging for your business

Blogs are a great marketing tool to show the true personality of your business and your staff.  They are less formal than newsletters when it comes to getting new ideas out to consumers. A blog can be composed and added to your site at any time and can be updated.  Blogs last on your site and online until you remove them. Clients coming to your site will see updated content and each blog will create a new opportunity to show up in search engines for keywords used in your blog.

The credibility of your organization will increase if you maintain the content of your blog and bring new and creative ideas to users looking for information about your industry.  If you have an opinion to share, a product to sell, a brand to market or something you want people to know about your company, then you need to blog about it.  

If you do not already have a blog associated with your business, then now is the perfect time to add one to your website. 34 Allies will consult with you each month and then add a blog to your site that is written by professional copywriters. Your business will get unique content each month that is targeted to the keywords that your consumers are using when they search online for the products or services offered by your company.

Top reason why businesses should blog!

  • Improve SEO Ranking  –  Optimization of posts improve web site search engine rankings.
  • Customer Interaction – A blog encourages customer interaction by allowing people to post their comments, opinions, questions, etc.
  • Value and Education – Because of regular postings and fresh content, your blog will educate your visitors as well as add value to their visit.
  • Gain New Customers - Many businesses are acquiring customers through their blogs. 57% of those using a company blog as a marketing tool say they’ve acquired a customer through a blog-generated lead.