QR Codes

Directing consumers to your website with QR Codes

By now you have seen a Quick Response (QR) code used in a magazine, newspaper or billboard.  They are used in conjunction with a smart phone to direct you to a website, promotion, text message, video, event or instant coupon.  These codes give consumers immediate access to information about your business.  When these codes are used to direct consumers to a website, they are only successful when the site is mobile optimized.  Users are scanning them from a mobile phone, so they will be accessing your business information on a condensed screen.  If they are directed to the full version of your website, the navigation on their phone will be difficult and the QR affect will be limited.  Consumers want the offer, details on your business or the event details without an issue.  As they scan the code, they are interacting with your business, so make sure the first impression of your digital services is a good one.  Let us create a QR Code for your business and link it to a mobile site, video or texting short code.  Do it right the first time with 34 Allies.