Facebook Advertising in Pittsburgh

    Facebook Ads Why use Facebook advertising in Pittsburgh to showcase your business? Why advertise on Facebook at all? According to Business Insider, “Facebook has a higher traffic inflow as compared to Google, an advantage that marketers can utilize.” Advertising on Facebook allows businesses to reach a multitude of consumers by providing numerous outlets that are specific to each new potential customer. As you probably already know, Facebook can determine much about you based on the information that you provide. You may enter information such as where you live, where you work or the name of your own company, your age group, as well as some of your interests and hobbies. Thus, it is easier for marketers to filter the traffic to a more relevant target audience when Facebook users enter their inclination towards different interests. Using Facebook to advertise ensures that a business’s target audience can be reached through the world’s most popular social media platform. Facebook is a great way for not only national merchants to advertise, but for local vendors to advertise as well.  Therefore, Facebook advertising in Pittsburgh would make sense for your business, would it not?

     What can 34 Allies do to help? The main objective of 34 Allies is to be a leading provider in digital marketing by engineering cutting edge strategies and techniques that allow you as a business to reach your target audience most effectively. Through advertising on Facebook, your company will be exposed to thousands, even hundreds of thousands of people, based on very audience specific information. 34 Allies focuses on managing your social media profiles, updating your websites, and specializing in reputation management and competition monitoring. 34 Allies has the right strategy for your business whether it is brand awareness, lead generation, customer retention, or customer conversion. 34 Allies offers Search Engine Optimization, which provides that your businesses website is optimized in an internet search. This improves your businesses visibility when doing a web search based on titles, description, and keywords for each page of your website. By using Facebook advertising in Pittsburgh, along with the aid of 34 Allies to accelerate your professional online presence, your business will be showcased in an expert and specialized fashion fit for the new digital era.